Tuesday, May 02, 2006


ST. LOUIS, MO 63139


Anonymous said...

I like the Fiero, nice touch...LOL I can also taste the Pizza through the browser it looks so good!.. Warmest Regards Scott Anthony LaFata (Las Vegas) scottlafata@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Well there is hope that I will not have to fondly remember Pizza A Go Go along with Helen's and Atsa Pizza since Paul is posting items here (I hope that means you will continue the tradition). I'll be in Friday to take a couple of pizzas home with me to Union, MO. I wonder if Pete is still working there....

Hands down the best Pizza to be had in the Metro Area people!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh, Atsa Pizza and Helen's brings back some great memories. Long live Pizza A Go Go - love it!

Lisa G

michelle said...

I am 49 and eating this pizza all of my life is one of my fondest memories. Then, when I was in grade school, I met and became friends with the Mazzamuto's. Eating pizza in their home, oh, memories. My children grew up eating Pizza-A-GO-GO.
Sadly, we moved to St. Peters and we drive in to have this treat as often as possible.

I took my husband on our first date to Pizza-A-Go-Go and now we have been together for 28 years.

Our Oldest daughter's birthday is today and guess where she wants to have her dinner?

Thanks for a lifetime of memories and of more to come.

God Bless Frank.

shellakers said...

I just sent my husband by Pizza A GO GO tonight on his way home from work because I had a HUGE craving for it! Of course, we forgot that you didn't take debit or credit cards and my husband had to go in search of an ATM... but ANYWAY... it was SO worth the trouble! We live in Jefferson County now so it's rare that I ever get it :-( The pizza is JUST the way I remembered though. I was a little afraid that since Frank isn't making the pizza anymore, it wouldn't be the same. I'm happy to report that Paul is every bit as good of a pizza chef as his father!

Just wanted you to know that I grew up eating Frank's pizza. My dad used to take my brothers and I to Pizza A Go GO on Grand Ave when we were so little. Dad and Frank were friends and it was quite a show to watch Frank toss that pizza dough in the air! He even let us try to do it and we just couldn't! lol I remember Frank had just come here from Italy and it was so hard to understand his broken English. In the 80's and 90's, Frank would bring his Lincoln by our shop (Akers Automotive) to be repaired and I so enjoyed talking with him.

As far as I'm concerned, there really is NO other pizza that can compare. I'm always disappointed when I eat someone elses pizza, always expecting it to taste the same as LaFata's. I've tried several times to get Frank to tell me what his secret ingredients are and he didn't care to share! lol I don't blame him.

I'm just so happy that the family decided to carry on the tradition. Hopefully we'll have REAL pizza in St. Louis for many generations to come. Thanks Paul and family for doing such a fantastic job!

Peg Milster said...

Had the pizza for the first time since the 90's when my husband and I lived in the Tower Grove neighborhood off S. Grand. We thought the business was long gone and had really been missing the pizza. A student of my husband's at SLU told him it was still around had just moved.
Of course we were skeptical that it could be the same great pizza we remembered but picked up a pie last night and it was FANTASTIC. Just as great as we remembered. I'm so happy to find out some things don't change, we will be regulars again now that we have found your Scanlan location. We miss hearing the owner on the phone and watching him toss pizza dough in the air but his son is carrying on a great tradition. Please keep passing the secret along in the family and don't ever change!